Iron Work Installation in Murray Hill

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 Elite Locksmith Iron Work Installation in Murray Hill, Iron Work Installation in Midtown, Iron Work Installation in Flatiron District has a specialized service team that  provides maintenance for current equipment , and specifically for iron work, can provide lubrication services to prevent rusting of iron and metal materials. Our ironwork repair team can installed new heavy duty iron door hinges, weld and reinforce costume made mounting brackets for door closer, locks and security doors. 

Our upgrade services are available to all custom work, and can help to improve the conditioning and productivity of your iron work. We work with and manage all type of Welding process and working materials including Aluminum and steel. 

we service street level iron basement doors, roof hatches and more. 



  • Child guards to prevent your children from accessing doors and locks in your home. Our child guards can be placed on windows, doors and cribs in our home, and keep your children safe.
  • Tree Guards to protect any trees located around your residence from abrasive damage while also providing a space for it to thrive, increasing it's lifespan. New York City homes and apartments can benefit from the tree guards improved visual quality for the outside of your residence.
  • Custom Railings for indoor and outdoor staircases to improve the quality of current railings, and also for aesthetic value. We can create custom railings specifically designed for any of your home staircases and make your residence look more distinguished.
  • Security Gates to provide protection for your home or apartment complex. Our company sells a variety of different security gates including window security gates, fire exit gates, standard grill gates, window gates with an A/C cage and roll down gates.
  • Security Doors to improve the quality of front door security, as well as any door in your residence including bathroom, bedroom, closet etc. Security doors are manufactured to help protect your home from intruders, and prevent unwarranted intruders.​

Custom Iron work at NYU

Custom Iron work at NYU