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 we offer Lock Rekying in Flatiron District, Lock Rekying in Midtown, Murray Hill and NYC greater met area. By Re-keying locks  we are actually providing you with a new set of key, different than the old once,  using your current lock body.  This Process is a very Technical and it will require the services of a professional locksmith.
Elite Locksmith offers lock re-keying services in NYC for all residential buildings or homes. As opposed to having to replace your entire latch system upon the misplacement of your keys, lock re-keying is a more cost effective way of protection. After the process of re-keying the locks in your residence is completed, you are then issued a brand new set of keys associated with the newly structured lock. Our expert locksmith technicians can re-key any lock in your residence and in the event of key misplacement or lockouts, can restructure the lock quickly and efficiently. 

The reasons for needing to re-key your locks can range from losing your keys to your keys being stolen. If you move into a new house, you would also need to re-key or replace your locks because you do not know how many people still have keys. For a lock to be re-keyed it must have at least a National Standards Institute Grade 1 designation, or you may have to replace your whole lock. 


it's normally cheaper than replacing the whole lock. 
Protection against unwarranted entry by reshaping the structure of your current lock
New keys issued for newly restructured lock. 
Universal key implementation for access to all locks in your residence
Limits reliance on maintaining a multitude of different keys

Lock Re-keying

Lock Re-keying